Public Grounds Division

What we do:

Operate and maintain the Town's three cemeteries

            Hanover Center Cemetery
            Union Cemetery (Assinippi)
            Darling Cemetery (West Hanover)

Operate and maintain the Town's athletic complexes

             B. Everett Hall Field (Sylvester)
             Ellis Field
             Ceurvals Field (Myrtle St)
             Forge Pond Park
             Gallant Field
             Brigg's Field

 Maintain the grounds of various Town facilities

              Stetson House
              Center of Town
              Water Department Facilities
              Luddam's Ford Site
              Transfer Station
              Traffic islands

Maintains and active tree and roadside brush control program around town.

Staff and Budget

All told the division operates and maintains approximately 88 acres of facilities with a staff of 5 employees and is asisted in its larger projects by employees of other DPW divisions.

The public grounds division operates with a staff of five full-time employees and two seasonal employees and has an annual operating budget for FY 12 of $340,000