The Building Operations Group (BOG) of the DPW is currently responsible for custodial and maintenance services at all Town facilities. The BOG is comprised of managers and employees assigned to the Custodial and Maintenance Division.

Our goal is complete transparency in how Hanover's buildings are being maintained.   

Please check back for updates on our progress.

Community Innovation Grant Award

The Town was recently awarded a $46,000 Community Innovation Grant by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to increase efficiency in the DPW's centralized maintenance efforts through the use of field technology, to encourage public participation in the maintenance of Town assets through the use of smart phone technology, and to educate the public through informative web sites on the processes and costs involved in managing town assets. 

Through this grant we hope to show the work that is completed each week, the work that is planned, and the cost of operation and maintenance of each building in an easy to read format.

Please visit the following link for details on the Community Innovation Grant Program.   Grant Announcement