Management Dashboards Home

The pages linked on the menu to the left are internal dashboards used by Hanover DPW personnel to manage various aspects of the DPW's operation.  Access is provided here to the general public in the interest of transparency in government and to allow interested parties to gain a better understanding of the details involved in managing the Town's infrastructure and facilities.

The management dashboards are largely statistical and are a work in progress.  They will evolve over time.  At this point in time the intended audience is the DPW staff and as such the dashboards lack narrative information to explain what the numbers mean.  Narrative information may be added over time.  

All dashboard pages are generated by automated systems from internal public works databases.  Dashboards are updated automatically at programmed intervals.  Some intervals are as long as a month and some are as sort as a minutes.  Each page will show the date of the last update.

All data is for general use only.  While we strive for accuracy, data provided is generated from live databases and as such there may be situations where data contains errors.  The Town of Hanover makes no warranty on the validity of the data and is not responsible for its use outside of our own operations.
  Interested users are advised to visit the open data page from the main DPW website for downloadable data.